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Станок для лазерной резки труб

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processing range 20mm dia -200mm dia
max idling speed 80m/min
max accelerated 1.2g
xy positioning speed +-0.03mm
xy repeated positioning accuracy +-0.02mm
power supply 380v 50hz
laser power 500w-2000w
machine gross power below 25kva
whole machine weight 5500kg
machine dimensions 700mm*4000mm*1700mm

Transmission precise pinion and rack, dual drive transmitting adopting cyp tube cutting software, it can directly displayed the drawings from 3-dimension drawing software and 2-dimension drawing software which is more convinient and direct the machine is equipped with different professional clamps, which will ensure precise processing for pipes of different shapes and different dimension unique holding and scratching design enables fast adjustment of different pipes, thus high precision products can be made during processing.

It is also very necessary to choose a processing device that can both
cut and punch. In order to further increase the efficiency of steel pipe production in the fencing industry, improve the quality of processing, and reduce material waste, laser cutting machines for pipes have become the winning “weapons” for various metal pipe manufacturers.

Laser cutting does not require the production of molds, any cutting shape is programmed by software, and end-users can control short or medium production without creating a large number of templates.
People operating machine, machine work, the operation is simple and convenient.

Pipe laser cutting machine is almost “all-powerful.” It can process any regular tube shape that has been programmed, and the laser can cut perfectly in any direction. The shape of the template is programmed by computer and can be quickly changed to provide customers with personalized processing. Even at the last minute, the operator can modify the design plan without affecting the entire production process.

Laser processing can compensate for inaccuracies in post-print processing. For example, the material may be stretched and deformed, and the laser can be adjusted according to these deformations. The conventional template production method cannot.

Can cut a plurality of different directions and different diameters of cylindrical intersecting line holes in the main pipe, and meet the conditions of vertical and non-eccentric intersection between the branch pipe axis and the main pipe axis.

Can cut the intersection point of the cylindrical intersecting line at the end of the branch pipe to meet the condition of perpendicular and oblique intersection of the eccentric and non-eccentricity of the branch pipe axis and the main axis.

Can cut oblique end faces at the ends of round tubes. Can cut the intersecting end of the branch pipe intersecting with the circular main pipe.

Square tube cutting and 360° flip cutting can be performed.
Can cut square holes and waist holes on round tubes.
Can cut off various steel pipes.
Can be in the square tube, oval tube, U-tube, rectangular tube surface and other special-shaped tube for a variety of graphic cutting.

Equipped with professional cutting control system, simple layout can be realized. Automatic corner energy at the corner of cutting square tube, cutting speed, to achieve a satisfactory cutting effect. Manually centered, professional tooling fixture design, peer craftsmanship in a leading position to ensure cutting effect Tubes such as round tubes and rectangular tubes can be fed fully automatically without manual intervention; special shaped tubes can be manually assisted with semi-automatic feeding. Advanced chuck mounting system. The chuck self-adjusts the center and automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications to ensure that the thin tube is clamped without damage. Corner quick cutting system. The corners respond quickly and greatly improve cutting efficiency.

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